The company N. Bättenhausen Wärmetechnik GmbH was founded in 1990 by Mr. Norbert Bättenhausen in Wetzlar.



In 1996, the company Eugen Janitza GmbH was taken over by N. Bättenhausen Wärmetchnik GmbH and became a modern production plant specialised in electrical controls and switchboards as well as steel construction for furnaces.



Merger of N. Bättenhausen GmbH and Eugen Janitza GmbH. The customer now has at hand a dynamic and future-oriented team that combines the know-how of heat technology and measurement and control technology under one roof.



Dipl. Ing. Walter Högler becomes the new CEO of N. Bättenhausen Industrielle Wärme- u. Elektrotechnik GmbH and, together with the CEO Norbert Lauer, leads the company towards the future.



Mr. Lauer retires after more than 40 years and goes into well-deserved retirement. Mr. Thomas Listner, who was already a member of the management board, takes over the position of managing director.
Mr. Christian Bättenhausen becomes authorized signatory.


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