Roller hearth furnace


Universally usable

Roller hearth furnaces are universally usable and characterised by a high performance. Usually, they are used continuously or in special cases in alternating operation.

Highly efficient burner systems are available for the heating. Those furnaces are used for temperatures up to approx. 1,200°C. Low temperature furnaces are usually equipped with circulating systems in order to reach a high temperature regularity.

  • Aluminium industry
  • Non-ferrous metal industry
  • Foundries
  • Ceramic industry
  • Steel industry
  • Belt
  • Metal sheet
  • Slabs
  • Cast parts
  • Pipes
  • Forgings
  • Rod steel
  • Stamped parts

Please find below some furnace types with special features for different applications

» Roller hearth chamber furnace (reversing furnace)
  • Rollenherdofen für den Industrieofenbau