The electrical engineering division takes care of the planning, delivery, assembly and initial operation for the entire area of electrical, measurement, control, and process control engineering, complete factories and production plants in all application areas relevant to the industry.

In addition to our range of supplies and services in the area of electrical engineering, we offer – together with our Heat Technology division – industrial furnaces and heat treatment plants for the steel, foundry, aluminium, non-ferrous metal, ceramic, heat-resistant and carbon industry as ready-to-use complete plant – true to the motto: a one-stop solution.

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Measurement and control technology

One of the most important core areas of modern automation technology.

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Controls switchboards

The most important component of a modern industrial plant is the control unit

Visualisierung Neu


A good visualisation is the basis for a successful process flow.

Sps Programmierung

PLC programming

Programmable logic controllers have become indispensable.

E Plan 2

CAD construction E-PLAN

Basis for our in-house switchboard manufacturing.

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Low voltage

Complete project management in our construction department and workshop.

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Transformer stations

We plan, produce and supply products that are custom-tailored to your needs.

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Medium voltage switchboard

We deliver and install ready-to-use transformer stations.

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Power supply

We plan, produce and deliver power supplies that are custom-tailored to your needs.

Prozessleittechnik 1

Process control system

Increasing operational safety by means of prefabricated software modules.

Betriebsdatenerfassung 2

Operating data logging

Collection, recording, statistical evaluation and visualization of data.

Materialverfolgungssysteme 2

Material tracking systems

Ensure the smooth flow of materials and its documentation.

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We are covering a broad range of customer needs.


Data coupling

Interface software programmes for the coupling with various other external data systems.