Versatile use

Chamber furnaces are a cost-efficient alternative to bogie hearth furnaces. However, the feeding is more time-consuming and usually has to be done using a manipulator.

Chamber furnaces are used for a broad range of industrial heating and heat treatment tasks in small, medium and large industries. They are robust and reliable systems that are used for the heat treatment of high-quality products. The heating can be done with different systems. Generally, high-speed or flat flame burners are used, which guarantee an economic and resource-saving heating of the product.

Chamber furnaces are suitable for the annealing of iron and steel, the tempering and removing of non-ferrous metals as well as the hardening. Furthermore, they are used for the baking and sintering of ceramic and carbon applications. This furnace type has been designed for a broad temperature range and is thus very versatile in use.

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Please find below some furnace types with special features for different applications