Double-chamber partially annealing furnace
  • Furnace housing and bogie hearth are made of steel sheet and profiles and are torsion-resistant
  • Door seal with low-wear, pneumatically operated lifting system. Also usable as partially annealing furnace due to double doors
  • Fire-proof insulation made of high-quality ceramic fibre in modular design for the upper furnace, and insulating concrete with wear-resistant refractory concrete for the lower furnace
  • Direct heating with recuperator burner FLOX - flame for homogenous temperatures at a high heat transfer capacity and low NOx values
  • High use of energy through recuperator burner with downstream heat exchange device for compressed air warming for the forging hammer
  • Temperature, measurement and control plant, optionally with process visualisation and batch reporting
Technical Data
Hearth HxBxL600 x 1.500 x 9.000 mm
Load25.500 kg
Support plate for heated items6.000 kg
Process temperature200-1.150°C
Heat gradient60 K/h
Heating capacity installed1.680 kW
Heating medium Natural gasoline
Type of heatingDirect
Number of burners16
Type of burnerHigh-speed burner
Duration of heat treatment20 bis 60 h