The heat technology division takes care of the planning, delivery, assembly and initial operation and the service for industrial furnaces and heat treatment plants. Experienced specialists manage the projects and see themselves as partner for our customers.

Herdwarenoefen 2

Car bottom furnaces

Robust and reliable systems that are used for the heat treatment of high-quality products.


Roller hearth furnace

Can be used universally and with a high performance.


Chamber furnaces

Deigned for a broad temperature range and thus very versatile in use.

Drehtellerofen 1

Rotary hearth furnaces

For continuous heating of different components.


Car bottom and tunnel furnaces

Suitable for high temperatures and large specific loading weight.

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Hood-type furnaces

A cost-efficient alternative to bogie hearth and chamber furnaces.


Shaft furnaces

Shaft furnaces are used in many technical areas.

Sonderanlagen Kettenfoerderoefen

Special furnace

We find the right solution for individual requirements.

Modernisierung 1

Modernisation implementation

We plan and deliver holistic solutions for the modernisation of industrial furnaces.